Zarja Architecture





Our vision.

Create a legacy of places that enrich the human experience, evoke delight, and provide an enduring design and ecological community.



Our Mission.

Listen, absorb and aknowledge the needs of a space, a place and a community and envision, inspire and design a sustainable space and place at every scale.

The challenges facing our industry today are big, but we believe that no action is too small to make a difference. We strive for all of our actions to be consistent and contribute to Zarja Architecture's larger vision, and being aware of where we need to improve and sharing our succes with others. Our mission is also to keep on inspiring our clients to understand, aknowledge and use the space we created in the sustainable way it is meant to be used.



We design neighborhoods, not bricks and pavement. We design new ways of living. Literary green, local, and adapted to the weather conditions of the Island. We create that place to connect, with each other, with your inner soul and with nature.


Creative Ideas

We consider Architecture as the built concept as answer to different problems. Architecture is more than a shelter, it is the experience, what you can touch, visualize, imagine and how it makes you feel. 


Creating ethos

The environment we reside in, has to make us feel safe, inspire us to get the most out of our brains, inspire us to create, to relax, to share the moments, to enrich our experience.

The space we create will create us.


Creating Resilient Environment for everyone

Having worked as a policy maker at the Ministry of Trafic, Transport and Urban Development, we understand the tension between public interest, the interest of developpers and economic factors and know how to ballance and come to resilient and sustainable win-win solutions. Our advises are always based on research and data.